I am a multimedia specialist working with audio, video and the web :

1) composition and sound design for games, films and theatre; 2) web design and development; 3) software development for Human Computer Interfacing and Brain Computer Interfacing; 4) video production; 5) teaching and organising creative art events.


2014/07 Dance of Light Project

Cambridge based art project with nature sounds and stunning visuals.

Visit: rq-lightart.com


2014/05 Tedor.T

Cambridge based tea company supporting local art and special loose tea.
Visit: t.tedor.info


2014/04 From Plaster to Bronze – video documentary by Rhea Quien

Sound and video post-production.

Reconstruction of a documentary in iMovie and Final Cut.
Video editing, sound editing, sound design and mastering.

Premiere in Autumn 2014.

Rhea Quien : http://www.rq-art.com/



2014/01 focus with Neuro-Feedback Training

‘Focus’ is a musical game that by measuring live EEG (brainwave) data can help dealing with stress and attention deficit mental conditions. To reward the participant whenever a challenge is completed, the system generates or alters musical expressions. All sounds are in real time synthesis programmed in SuperCollider. 

Documentation :
(pdf) The development of software for auditory display incorporating principles of generative music and neuro-feedback training.
[ dissertation on attention allocation, EEG sonifications and the development of 'focus' ]

Further research involves developing for Android and iOS where I will investigate libPD, MOMU and Emotiv. Further research will involve collaboration with Eric Miller and Jörg Fachner. [ timely : Digital Health Market Research]

Software: SuperCollider (+Processing)
Hardware: Neurosky
External library: OSCP5 by Andreas Schlegel


2012/12 Menagerie – Why Can’t We Work Together?

Sound design for a play directed by Menagerie, Cambridge.

Menagerie’s website.

Director, Paul Bourne’s blog.


2013/12 showreel 4 games

features the following games: StormBrothers – project info - Dynamite Jack* / Galcon - OIO* / Uncanny Games - GRID2* / Codemasters - Deadly Escape - project info - LOPi - project info - Trime2* / Frozenbyte - X2* / Egosoft - Mountain Eagle - project info - Flow* / That Game Company [ * alternative soundtrack ]


2013/12 Stormbrothers

A mobile game about two Viking brothers on their quest to become Viking men. Swipe your way around obstacles and up the mountain. Prepare to face the challenges of the magical Nordic mountain! The game is playable on PC and Android and is under further development. Melody patterns are with random scale patterns in SuperCollider.

The prototype of the game was created at Brain’s Eden Game Jam 2013 in Cambridge where it ended up being runner up from 31 teams from over europe. The prototype of the game was made in 48 hours with two programmers, two artists and one technical artist and myself for sound design and composition. Since then it was shown at Gamescom 2013.

The music used and composition ideas for the game :  

Organiser: Creative Front, Cambridgeshire, Stormbrothers on Facebook

Last Stand Team: Brian Cox (code), Jos Balcaen (tech art), Fries Boury (code), Oscar Kuijken (art), Hendrik Coppens (art) and Joachim Coppens (level designer, 3D artist and project manager as well as myself (music and sound design). Last Stand was visiting the major gaming companies in Cambridge in Summer 2013, here an article on creative front about it.


2013/11 showreel 4 film

Guaira - 3D animation short-film and Environmental Reel by Cristian LeonThe Sue - dark short-film by Radek Szaraniec Luzhin Defence - alternative soundtrack project* by Marleen Gorris Wedding Baby Picture Slideshow with Beetles remix - romantic slideshow with Beetles remix [ *alternative soundtrack ]



2013/10 Deadly Escape

Deadly Escape is a cyberpunk western styled first person shooter where the player is on a quest to find water.

More info on Brian Cox’ site:



2013/08 Mountain Eagle

The prototype of the game was created at Brain’s Eden Game Jam 2013 in Cambridge where it ended up being runner up in mobile award from 31 teams from over europe. The trial version of the game was made in 48 hours. Play the game online: unity link.

Programming by Alex Redshaw, Eric Venables and Sam Spark. Art by Ryan White and Amy Hook

2013/09 Tr-Zero

A high speed arcade biker game that will feature some of my music from the ‘Secret Place’ EP as well as some fresh unreleased tracks. The game is under development in C++ and uses the Oddity Engine 2. The game will feature 40 bikes, full weapon systems, 5 race modes (time trial, normal race, weapon race, elimination, annihilation), a dynamic boost/energy system as well as a risk/reward style gameplay.

Fuzon Designs (developer) on IndieDB, ModDB and Youtube.


2013/04 Secret Place EP

This project is an exploration of a state of mind that is I can withdraw myself to: the secret place. It is a safe place, which I have discovered around the age of 18 in Somberek, the village I grew up. The first attempt to express the finding of this state was with poetry (Titkos hely, 2005). This release is a continuation of this poem.

The release has an eclectic choice in style – it is a compilation of original works and remixes.

feat. Theresa Elflein aka Mouth, remixes by: Chriss ManKarl LaeuferMatty Moon.


2013/02 CB1Art

Restaurant/Bistro website with food and art.

Visit: cb1art.co.uk

2012_12_dance of light_thumbs

2012/12 Dance of Light

Noise reduction and further Digital Signal Processing on nature sounds with Logic Studio and Izotope RX.

Film premiere in 2014/2015.




2012/04 teaching at ARU

Lecturing Sensor Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge - In semester 2011/12 I had the pleasure to teach Dr. Richard Hoadley‘s Sensor Technology module. The focus of the module was on the use of the Arduino board (JAVA) with audio programming environments like SuperCollider and Max/MSP as well as linking up these with OSC (Open Sound Control) to Processing (JAVA) that is a powerful language for visual programming. My work has established a number of practices that have survived my tenure.

The outline of the module : http://tedor.info/stech/


2011/04 Secret Place HCI Installation

Human Computer Interfacing (HCI) installation with 4 IR sensors used to control specialisation and selection of voice samples. The signals manipulate DSP in a soundscape that primarily uses a poem pre-recorded with various people. The poem is about a desired state of mind that is similar to Mihály Csikszentmihályi’s Flow experience.

Documentation :
1- (pdf) Secret Place – poem, translation, comments, explanation [other poetry];
2- (pdf) Attention! Attention! - The use of ‘focus & attention’ in sonic art

Software: Max/MSP; Hardware: Arduino, IR Sensors



2011/02 strophic_variables installation

HCI installation for Future Fluxus [Visualize Cambridge] at Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.
Interactive sonic art installation using ultrasonic sensors and light dependent resistors (LDR) to manipulate sound [live synthesis and recorded poetry] and visuals in a challenge based gaming environment.

Processes > participants move their hands in front of ultrasonic sensors which detect distance and use eco flashlights to change resistance in the LDRs > this data is sent from the Arduino board to SuperCollider > where the signal is used to change qualities of a synthesised and sample based soundscape. Besides geometrical shapes representing the signals with Processing, also instructions on how to complete a challenge can be seen on the projected screen.

Software: SuperCollider (+Processing)
Hardware: Arduino

More photography by Shameela on Flickr.


2010/08 rhythm workshop in Hungary

Workshop in Hungary - Activity day for kids focusing on rhythm and creativity with sound.


2010/05 Flow

Alternative sound design and music made in SuperCollider and Logic for the online game Flow. Consent to use the game was given by The Game Company.


2010/04 Life Of Pi

The game is an ARU final project at the Computer Gaming Tech dep. Pi our character is a robot whose quest is to escape from the factory where was manufactured.

Programmer: Thomas Linthe, Modelling: Jozsef Liszkai
[ Anglia Ruskin University ]



2010/04 Luzhin Defence

Alternative incidental music for a final section in the movie by Marleen Gorris.


2010/04 The Sue

Music for a dark short film by Radek Szaraniec.


2009-10 eeg/motion/stream

Twin Peaks – truth business
[ pre recorded EEG data manipulating sound and visuals in Max/MSP and Jitter ]

motion tracking in Jitter
[ tracking hand gestures to manipulate sound ]

stream form
[ improvisation in Max/MSP ]


2009/12 Microsoft HCI2009,Cambridge with IBVA

The project is on the use of Brainwaves (EEG) with Neuro-Feedback Training, where the idea is to relax the mind to get awarded with sounds in a rhythmically evolving pattern. An Arduino installation is added, where the brain data is used to pull branches on a grotesque tree like object. The moving installation is concerned to be an artistic representation of the mind.

HCI2009, Cambridge Conference, Microsoft Research Centre
This project was demonstrated with the ARU Creative Music Technology Team on the HCI2009, Cambridge Conference. 

(pdf) An investigation of the use of EEG data for the purposes of sonification and visualisation in a creative environment [pdf]
dissertation on EEG in sonic art, brainwaves in general and the development of final project ]

Software: SuperCollider and Max/MSP
Hardware: IBVA

Additional info:

I used Mark David Hosale’s “Max2Arduino4Servo” code (http://www.mdhosale.com/) to move the installation, which I amended for my purposes. I was trying to add an H-BRIDE to the circuit, so I could control the speed of DC motors, in my case two CPU Fans. I run out of time. Max/MSP external: • f0.limit_counter • ibvaGet.mxo


2009/04 Guaira

Sound design and music for 3D short animation, a jungle story from Ecuador by Cristian Leon.


2009/03 Visual art showreel

A drum and bass track made for visual artist Cristian Leon.


2008/12 Language of the Age

Rhythm_ala_source_f. [ Language of the Age ]
Algorithmic/Generative Composition and Microsound project

The patch is a ‘rhythm maker’, that uses three oscillators as its source (a sinus-, saw- tooth and a triangle-wave shape). When colliding them at low frequencies, the small microscopic sounds, cracks, we can hear have a rhythmical pattern.

Software: Max/MSP and SuperCollider
External MaxMSP library: bonk

Using filters, and bonk~ [max/MSP external] I was able to utilise the attacks (time and volume) of the microsounds generated with the collision. The attack and amplitude data is used to trigger samples in Max/Msp, two algorithmically changing oscillators (SinOsc, Saw) and a Granular Synthesiser in Supercollider. [linking up software was done with OSC]
I also incorporated visuals in the patch. In Jitter [Max/Msp] the camera is used to employ movements that alter the duration and the position of the grains played with “Tgrains”, an object in Supercollider.
I consider the rhythmically changing signal (made of the 3 oscillators) algorithmic as well.


compositional archive

Portfolio of music:

free tibet
- Emotional journey with marimba, bells and vocals.

digitones (set)
- These compositions were influenced by minimalist composers like Terry Riley, Steve Reich and by some John Cage techniques. The built-in acoustic and synthesiser instruments on the MIDI sequencer of Logic Pro (a digital-audio workstation) are used in their creation.

This image was created by merging both digital and film photography together to construct a surreal human character performing. Several features of the instrument show facial elements in order to portray the idea that the accordion is a character in its own respect. The work is a tribute to the influences of Dada and artists such as John Heartfield. Accordion Image by Tom Milton FLiCKR/TOMMILTON

married piano
- Slow piano piece with some extra electronica. Originally for a wedding slideshow.

5 mintues run
- Minimal electronica, gradual process for Jumped Up Game. 

doboka psy
- Chilled out journey with orchestral elements.

profilból violin exp
- A fast paced race featuring orchestral elements and broken beats.

life of pi
- Experimental, industrial and dark. Composed for Life of Pi – the prototype (game)

used j
- Industrial, minimal, beat driven. Composed for visual by Shamella B.

Victoria and Jacob – no certainty (no fairy tail remix)
- A sinister take on an electo-pop song by V&J [ original ].

- Happy and electronic compostion with experimental elements for arcade game.

japanese whales
- Electronic composition written to express empathy for fish.

environment reel
- Fast broken beats composed for a digital art showreel.

Karl Laufer’s Mondillo de fujer (remix)
- Electronic journey with future disco elements. Karl.

images to ja
- Eternal space project to chill out and meditate.

All music on this site can be licensed for your game or video. Music can be tailored for your game. 


early research compostions

These early works are in experimental electronica style made with SuperCollider/Max/MSP and some in acousmatic music style made in Logic with other software like ixiQuark.

Supercollider code: download


2008/04 Wedding slideshow

Wedding slideshow with a remix of ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles.